Looking out at a couple of ice fishermen making a hole through the ice.

Walking on water-Wisconsin Style

Walking on water Wisconsin style, do as a Wisconsinite would do. When you live in the land of lakes and very cold weather what do you get, a lot of fun! We do a little bit of everything here when things freeze over. The big one of course is Ice Fishing. There are Ice shakes all over the ice as far as the eye could see.

Looking out at one of the many Ice shakes on the frozen Wisconsin River.Ice fishing is a favorite pastime here, not just for the fishing. It’s a time for family and friend to get together and have a great time. Some of the ice shakes are quit fancy inside, they are just like tiny homes. With built-in kitchens, livening rooms and beds a home away from home.

If you get board with ice fishing then there’s motor bike racing or 4 wheeling to your heart’s content.


Motor cycle racing event on the ice.The bike races are a lot of fun to watch. They get going at a pretty high-speed, I don’t know how they keep from sliding all over the place!

A person riding by on there 4 wheeler kicking up lots of snow, riding across the ice.If all that’s not enough, then there’s snowmobiling.

A person buzzing by on their snowmobile, looks like so much fun! To just plain walking around for good old fashion exercise.

My son walking around the ice enjoying the view of the forest along the bank.Today was a day of walking around and enjoying the fresh crisp cold air. The moon was beautiful on the ice tonight and it looked as though it was preparing it’s self for the big Wolf Full Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse.

A beautiful view of the almost Full Wolf Moon about the frozen lake. Everything is colored in blue and pink in the sky and on the ice.Wisconsin really does know how to enjoy its winter months. It does get quit cold here but we’ve learned to adapt and you just wear those extra layers. One caution when your out on the ice, stay where the main traffic is. That way if anything ever happens you will have the help you need. Have a wonderful time out on the ice, just be careful watch and listen.


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