You are looking at the Welcoming signs at HZU's Sunflower Maze. The sunflowers are 10 feet tall or more. They are blooming bright yellow and facing the sun.

Sunflower Maze Days at HSU

Welcome to the Sunflower Maze Days at HSU growing Supply. The Sunflower Maze will be open for touring and pictures Mon-Fri 7-4:30 and Sat 8-2 Sept 3rd-14th. This is a FREE event. Even though this event was from last month. I wanted to share with you their beautiful Sunflower patch and garden. So you can maybe put it on your calendar for next years visit.

You are looking at a field of sunflowers cheerfully gleaming at the sun. This is at the Sunflower Maze at HSU Supply. From my post Sunflower Maze Days at HSU


HSU and his employees have planted the Sunflower Maze Days at HSU Growing Supply for several years. They also do hands on classes for both kids and adults, if you want to learn more about gardening.

You are looking at a close up of one off the striped orange, brown and yellow sunflowers growing in the garden.


HSU’s also owns ginseng farms and gives tours of the ginseng as well. Ginseng is a very important farming industry here in Wisconsin. The soil and weather is perfect for growing it here.

You are looking at a very tall golden centered sunflower with a bumble bee sitting in it's center. This is from my post The Sunflower Maze Days at HSU.


There were several different varieties of sunflowers  at the Sunflower Maze, from mammoths with bright yellow centers to small sunflowers with dark brown or golden centers.

You are looking at a mammoth sunflower with a brown center. This is from my post Sunflower Maze Days at HSU. As your walking through the maze, you will be towered by a forest of beautiful happy yellow faces. With bees, birds and butterflies flying and buzzing all around you.

You are looking through the sunflower maze with towering sunflowers on either side. At the end is and old white barn building that looks very picturesque. This is a post from Sunflower Maze Days at HSU.

With the different variety of sunflowers at the Sunflower Maze, they were all blooming at different times. So you could go back and visit to see the next ones in bloom.

You are looking at a variety of sunflower that has many more petals on it than any of the others. These flowers were much smaller, but still very tall. This is from the post Sunflower Maze Days at HSU.

Not only can you spend a couple of hours walking through the maze,  you can purchase them if you’d like to take a few home. That was one of the reasons I went, was to buy several for making cold process soap. Yes, you can make soap from the petals of those happy sunny flowers.


Once you’ve finished your walk through at the sunflower maze. Head on over to the garden. They plant a garden every year for the visitors to pick some fresh organic produce for free. This is really a great for kids who’ve never been in  garden before. Or who’ve never picked and ate fresh veggies right off the vine. I think it’s important for everyone to now how to grow their own food. It tastes so much better and it’s very satisfying, knowing you grew that food for yourself. All that hard work of planting and nurturing those plants from seeds is well worth it. Even if you only have a tiny space, you can grow something.

You are looking at the vegetable garden near the sunflower maze. That is open to the community. So you can pick a few tomatoes or peas for a special treat. This is from the post Sunflower Maze Days at HSU.

Take a rest one of the benches and eat a few cherry tomatoes or peas. Sit back and enjoy the fresh country air.

You are looking at the seating area with benches at HSU's garden. After you pick a few tomatoes or peas, just sight and enjoy. This is from the post Sunflower Maze at HSU.


When October comes around and if the weather is permitting. HSU’s also has a pumpkin picking day as well as pumpkin chunking as well as vendors selling their goods.

You are looking at the pumpkin patch area at HSU's, where the kids can come and pick a pumpkin and take it home. This is from the post Sunflower Maze Days at HSU.

Fun in the Fall

There is so much to do and see in the fall months through out Wisconsin, it most definitely is my favorite time of the year! The colors, cool dry air and the wonderful harvest we get, to celebrate. Then theirs apple cider and hot chocolate with  roaring bonfires, these are the things that make fall great. I’d love to hear what are your favorite things to do in the fall, maybe it’s hiking or even camping. Or even just taking a drive, to go see the beautiful leaves changing. Either way, get outdoors and enjoy your day!

You are looking at a sunflower reaching up to the sky, with a butterfly resting on the sunflower. He or she is very camouflaged.

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