Sunday fun day mini mincer

This is the day when I love to share my favorite things and fun tips. However I’m a day late because life got in the way, so a Monday fun day we shall have.

Today I’m sharing this little miniĀ mincer that I purchased from Williams and Sonoma several years ago.

They’ve since redone the look of their mincers, but they will mince in the same way.

This particular mini chopper has two blade areas. One side is for slicing if you need very thinly slices of garlic or any other type of fruit or vegetable. The other side is for mincing it minces ginger very easily and quickly.

I use fresh ginger a lot in my cooking as well as making drinks with it. Some times I’ll mince a lot and then divide it up into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen I’ll take them out of the ice cube trays and store them in ball wide mouth canning pint jars in the freezer. This way the ginger stays fresh longer and no freezer taste.

I also dehydrate my own ginger and when it’s dry I’ll grind it up into powdered ginger. No need for the store bought stuff and you know it will be fresh and exactly whats in it.

Dehydrating ginger doesn’t take long and is well worth it. I’ll save that one for another day and share my favorite dehydrator and dehydrating tips. Happy Eats!


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