You are looking at mom's zucchini bread cooled and ready for slicing. This yummy bread has pineapple, walnuts and raisins in it. It goes well with coffee or tea. This is from my post Mom's Zucchini Bread Recipe.

Mom’s Zucchini Bread Recipe: Pineapple, Raisins

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I come from a family of gardeners, and one of my favorite foods we grow is zucchini. I have many fond memories of my mom’s zucchini bread recipe, with pineapple, raisins and nuts. It’s moist, tender, delicious and not to sweet! Even better when you slather lots of real butter on the slices, when they are still warm. In honors of my Mom’s Birthday this week, Happy Birthday Mom! I wanted to share with you all, one of her best recipes. I’ve tried many different versions of zucchini bread, but I always seem to come back to my mom’s. I love the added pineapple and raisins, it gives this yummy bread another layer of flavor. I like the nuts in there too, you can use either walnuts or pecans. Or just simply leave them out, when my kids were little I usually left them out. Mom’s Zucchini Bread recipe is an easy one to make and yields two loaves. Which is nice so you can freeze one and eat it for another time, or share it with someone else. Since most of you would rather get to the recipe right away, I’m going to share it at the top. If you want to read on and see how I mixed everything, you can read one.

You are looking at all the ingredients from my zucchini bread recipe ready to be mixed together.

Shred The Zucchini 

First heat your oven to 325 degrees, while the oven is heating up, shred your fresh zucchini. I like to use a food processor for this because it only takes a few minutes. Then strain your crushed pineapple, saving the juice for smoothies.

You are looking at zucchini being shredded in my food processor for making my mom's zucchini bread with pineapple and raisins.

In Separate Bowls

Measure out your flour, baking powder, salt and baking soda and mix your dry ingredients well, then set it aside. In a separate bowl add the eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and the oil of your choice. See my notes in the recipe if using expeller pressed coconut oil. Mix until the batter is smooth and lightly fluffy.

You are looking at the mixed wet ingredients for my zucchini bread. From the post, Mom's Zucchini Bread, pineapple, raisins recipe.  Add in the shredded zucchini and the dry ingredients, mix well.

You are looking at the zucchini bread batter mixed, and ready to be poured into the two bread pans. This is from Mom's Zucchini Bread, pineapple, raisins post. Add in the crushed pineapple, raisins and chopped nuts. Mix well without over mixing.

You are looking at the poured zucchini bread batter in the two bread pans. Waiting to be baked in a 325 degree oven.


Pour the batter into the two butter, floured bread pans. Bake at 325 degrees for one hour or until done. Place the pans on cooling racks and let them cool completely.

You are looking at Mom's zucchini bread fresh from the oven. It's golden brown and smells wonderful and sweet.

Remove From The Pans

Once the zucchini bread has cooled remove them from their pans. They should slide out easily from buttering and flouring the pans, before baking. It’s time to enjoy a slice of moist lovely bread with lots of real butter. Some times I’ll as a little of one of my homemade jellies for a little kick. I like that this recipe makes two loaves, so one can be eaten right away and the other wrapped up and put in the freezer.

You are looking at two zucchini loaves removed from their pans. One will be shared with family and the other I will wrap up and freeze.

For Fall and Winter 

Even though zucchini is mostly for summer goodies, I love using it for my fall and winter baking and cooking. What zucchini doesn’t get used right away, I’ll shred it and freeze it or dehydrate it for later use. If you’ve never grown this summer squash, you should give it a try. It’s an easy one to grow, just make sure you have plenty of room. Because it’s vine can get pretty long. You can cut your zucchini at about any size you like, I prefer mine small to medium in size. They are easier to work with and I can use my Spiralizer to make zoodles.

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