In need of a quick low carb on the go lunch?


Then look no further than the romaine roll up or wrap! This is one of my all time favorite go to for lunch or snack .

They’re so easy to make. The best thing is, you can put them together with whatever you want. Choose your favorite lunch meats, cheeses, condiments.

When I have avocado on hand I love adding a slice to each roll up. Avocados are so good for you and add that extra fat that helps keep you full longer.

Romaine leaves also work great for ground hamburger recipes such as, taco and sloppy joes. Don’t forget tuna and egg salads!

When you get your layers on, just gently roll them up. There ya go, an instant romaine wrap. No breads of any kind required! Easy to hold and no mess.

Romaine Lettuce is so versatile I love it cut up for salads as well.

Just a little hint: never use a stainless steel knife while cutting your lettuce. Use a plastic one like the one below because you’ll get less browning on your leaves. Or, if you prefer, just tear them in to pieces with your hands.

Happy Eats!





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