Six Pack Box Card: Sunday With Dad

The Six Pack Box Card is a super easy and cute 3D card to put together for that special person in your life.

The six pack box card comes from the “Sunday With Dad” downloadable kit at Even though this fun box card set is geared towards Father’s Day, you could certainly use it for any occasion and gender.

What I really like about the six pack box card is you’re able to change it up. You can make your bottle labels and the carton into any type of drink you’d like. I went with the beer theme because the receiver of this card enjoys the specialty crafted brew.

Materials Needed

  • Electronic cutting machine
  • Six Pack Box Card svg cut file and PDF file
  • Designer paper
  • Textured 12 x 12 solid card stock of choice (I used grey)
  • Elmer’s Tape Runner or tape runner of choice (if using thinner designer paper)
  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue or glue of choice
  • Scotch Foam Mounting Tape or Pop Dots
  • Memento Tuxedo Black Dye Ink
  • Grey Dye Ink or other color
  • Makeup triangle sponges for inking


Once you’ve purchased the svg file from, print off the PDF file and look over the the pieces you’ll need to cut out. Then, choose the paper colors and theme you want to go with.

You are looking at six 12 x 12 sheets of Mixed Media Designer Paper. I will be using this to make the labels on the bottles and the carton of the six pack box card.2. The solid 12 x 12 sheets of paper I used were black, grey, and off white. I purchased mine at Joann’s Fabrics craft store. I used the “Mixed Media” designer paper from the Colorbok brand line of paper pads. Walmart carries these in their craft section. Alternately, this paper pad should be available on Amazon if you aren’t able to find it at Walmart.

You are looking at all the cut out pieces for the six pack box card. Ready to be inked and assembled.

3. Cut out your shapes and set them aside. I like to keep the pieces in a box when I cut them out so I don’t lose any of the little shapes.

You are looking at the six pack box base cut out and ink in grey around the edges.

4. Ink the edges of your cut shapes. This time, I went with a grey ink.

You are looking at to banners that will go on the six pack card. One say's "Happy Birthday" the other, "You're the Man!"

5. Stamp your sentiments on both banners.

You are looking at the envelope that goes with the six pack box card. I chose a rustic marble designer paper. It's orange, black, copper and some gold.

6. Cut out the included envelope file. Fold, glue, and set aside.


Assembling the six pack box card is really easy. Just follow along Mary’s instruction video on how to put it all together.

1. To stick the layered pieces on the box base, I used a tape runner. The designer paper I chose for this project is very thin like copy paper. If you use liquid glue on it, it will curl not lay down flat and leave glue marks. There is a banner piece that extends out from the layer, do not put glue on the backside of that. So it doesn’t get stuck to the fold of the card. You want the banner extended area to be extending out when the card is in its box shape.

You are looking at the six pack box card base now layered with the designer paper.


2. Glue down the inked bottle caps and labels onto the bottles. One little tip that I have: If you find your paper does not lay flat after gluing the layers together, let them completely dry then place them inside a heavy book. After that, stack several heavy books on top, and leave the card pieces to flatten over night. By the next day they will be flat!

You are looking at the six paper bottles decorated with designer paper labels. This really brings the bottles life, they really do look like specialty beers.

3. I like to use the Scotch Foaming Tape to “pop” up the layers on my card. You don’t have to do this, but I think it really adds a punch to your card.

You are looking at the back of the beer bottles. I have placed four pieces of the Scotch foam tape on the back of them. This will pop up the bottles on their base this will give a 3D effect.

4. Glue your box together. I like to let my box base dry almost completely before gluing in the panels. Make sure everything in straight and folds flat. I added foam tape to the top colored banner and only glued down the happy birthday banner.

You are looking at the six pack box card put together. The inside bottle and handle layers have been glued inside. So now it really does look like beer bottles in a case. I also added the Happy Birthday labels.

5. Glue in place the first bottle panel with the number one cut in it. Hold in place for a few minutes so the glue catches.

You are looking at the center handle that will be placed in between the two bottle panels. All three will go inside the box base to create the six pack box card.

6. Next, glue in the box handle labeled number two and let it dry. Then, glue in the third panel.

You are looking at the completed six pack box card from the side. This side has a banner that reads " You're the Man!"

7. Once your inner panels are dried, place the second, larger banner on the box. I used foam tape on this one as well.

That’s it!

This card is super easy and packs a big punch in presentation to your receiver.

You are looking at the completed six pack box card from the front. It reads "Happy Birthday." I'm quit happy with how well this box card turned out. The designer paper I chose really made the bottles look like specialty brews. This card was very easy to assemble, I think the toughest part was choosing the right paper.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Happy Crafting!




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