You are looking at the Side of Fries 3D Pop-Up Box Card I made for a birthday card. This card is very colorful and is a lot of fun. It actually looks like a box of french fries that you would get from a fast food restaurant! For the box base I used red paper, with a blue layer going across the front of it. With a yellow layer on top of that. I also stamped "birthday wishes" in a label. That sits on top of the yellow layer. The french fries inside the box are a light yellow color. That I inked around with a light brown ink. The fries are also 3D that stand upright in the fry box.

Side of Fries 3D Pop-Up Box Card

The Side of Fries 3D Box Card almost looks good enough to eat! Those french fries look like the real deal. If you’ve got a fry lover in your life, this 3D pop up card is the perfect gift to give to that special person.

In order to make this box card you’ll need an electronic cutting machine such as a Silhouette Cameo 3 or a newer Cricut machine. Additionally, you will need the svg file, which is available here: Side of Fries Box Card from

You can either purchase the single side of fries card file, or you can buy the entire box card set, called The Pit Stop Box Cards Svg Kit. This svg kit comes with 5 amazing 3D Box Cards that can be gifted to anyone and for any occasion. I think you’ll really enjoy this set of cards because you can use some really creative designer papers, along with any decorative embellishments that you may have in your stash.

I’m all about using what you got on hand. So, Let’s get started!

Materials Needed

  • Silhouette Came or other newer die cutting machine
  • Side of Fries Box Card or The Pit Stop Box Card Kit
  • Designer paper
  • Textured card stock in, red, blue, yellow, and off white or cream
  • Ink pads in black (I used Memento-Tuxedo Black)
  • Red inkĀ  (I used Distressed Ink-Fire Red)
  • A light brown (I used Distressed Ink-Tea Dye)
  • Your favorite paper craft glue
  • Stamps for the occasion of the card
  • A small embellishment
  • Foam tape or 3D Zots

You are looking at my Silhouette Cameo 3, electric die cutting machine. I'm cutting out the red paper for the Side if Fries 3D Pop-Up Box Card.


1. The first thing you’re going to want to do is purchase your Side Of Fries Box Card from Read through the instructions PDF that comes with the file and then choose your papers. Your fry box can be any color you’d like to use. Maybe try the colors of your favorite fast food restaurant.

You are looking at the cut out pieces. Of the Side of Fries 3D Box Card. I have gone around the edges of the fries and box pieces with and ink pad. This helps with giving the card more detail.

2. Cut out your card pieces, ink the edges, and set aside to dry. This is a good time to watch Mary’s assembly video to help with assembling your card.

You are looking at the sentiment labels that I stamped in black. One say's "birthday wishes". The other say's "celebrate you". The birthday wishes will go on the front of the Side Of Fries 3D Box Card. The celebrate you, will go on the back of the card.

3. Choose your favorite sentiment stamp and stamp your labels.

You are looking at the box of the Side Of Fries Box Card. I have assembled the box with the front panels and the back panels. Then I'll stick on the sentiment label's.

4. Assemble the box card base. On the front, glue down your layers. A little tip: I like to use a brayer to gently roll over the layers. This helps to get the paper stuck down nice and flat. Glue down the designer paper for the back of the card and the larger circle. Set the 3D fry box aside and let it completely dry.

You are looking at the base of the Side of Fries 3D Pop Up-Box Card. I have folded it and glued the back tab. So now it looks like a french fry box.

5. Fold your fry box card and glue the tab to the inside back of card. Allow the tab to fully dry before adding in the fries.

You are looking at the assembly of the french fries. That I am placing inside the Side of Fries 3D Box Card. The fries are made of a light yellow paper that I also inked around the edges. Those fries almost look like the real deal!

6. For the french fries, follow along with Mary on her assembly video for a demonstration of how to fold them. Folding them adds to the 3D affect, so you don’t want to skip this step. You’ll also want to fold the fries before gluing them into the box.You are looking at the completed Side of Fries 3D Pop-Up Box Card. It says birthday wishes on the front of the fry box. With a cute little black gem for some extra added bling. This is such a fun and easy card to cut out and put together. Any french fry lover would really enjoy it!

7. Once you’ve glued in the fries, fold the card back and forth to make sure your card folds properly to fit inside its envelope. Check that the fries are positioned properly. You’ll want to do this before the glue fully dries in case you need move to them around.

8. Next, place your smaller label on the front of the fry box with some 3D tape or Zots. Then, add a little bling if you want.

9. Last but not least, glue your included envelope together. Let it dry fully before inserting your Side of Fries Box Card.

Happy Crafting!

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