You are looking at a box card I made called, "It's Tea Time". It's made with pink and cream card stock and rose designer papers. There is a 3D tea pot along with three tea cups. In baby blue and cream paper. As well as a pink vase filled with flowers and pearl centers. Also a tray with treats on it. I've embellished this card with white pearls.

It’s Tea Time: a sweet Box Card

This “It’s Tea Time” Box Card is a sweet DiY card design from If you have a tea or coffee lover in your life, then this oh so cute Tea Time themed card is the one to make. I love everything about this design, it’s just so adorable! It would work pretty much with any color scheme or pattern. Personally, I think it calls for that lacey antique look, so that’s what I went for.

This tea time box card came from the SVG Box Card Kit at The set comes with four additional cards. Mary creates amazing box cards. She’s very talented and offers wonderfully helpful tutorial videos to go along with each card. I highly recommend you follow along with her while putting your project together. Her videos make things much easier as she gives you helpful suggestions on how to assemble them.

So, lets get started!

Materials Needed

You are looking at the cut out svg file pieces for the "It's Tea Time a sweet Box Card". The box base is cream and the dividers as well as the flowers. The tea pot and cups are a baby blue. With the treat tray green. The candies and three flowers are pink. Instructions

1. First, after you’ve purchased your Box Card Kit, you’ll want to print off the PDF that comes with the svg file. This will help with assembling your Tea Time card. In the PDF, Mary lays everything out for you in the order that the card layers go together. She also color codes all the pieces so you know what goes with what.

2. Choose which colors of textured card stock you want for the base of the box card. Then, choose a coordinating designer paper for the box panels. Once you’ve picked your paper stock, cut the Tea Time svg file pieces out. I like to keep all my cut-out pieces in a box or basket so I don’t lose any of the pieces. Some of them can be quit small and get misplaced easily just sitting on my work area.

You are looking at "It's Tea Time a sweet Box Card". In this photo I've inked the edges of the box card pieces. Such as the layered panels and the tea pot and tea cups.


3. Ink the panel edges but not the box base itself. Ink the flower petals, vase, tea pot, and tea cup pieces. Next, ink the tray, candy, and the smaller oval. Let them dry before assembling.

4. Glue on the outside panels of the box. When I glue my box panels, I like to let them dry fully before moving on.  That way, if there’s any warping of the paper, I can press it under a large stack of books for a day to flatten it out. If you do this, make sure the glue is fully dried. Also sandwich the box card between two pieces of printer paper to protect it under the heavy books.

   Putting It All Together

5. Fold the box card together per Mary’s instructions. Then, glue on longer inside panel to hide the seam.

6. While the box is drying you can begin to put the center pieces together. This is where you can get very creative with your embellishment’s. Once you’ve put everything together, glue your sections in the box card.


7. Once you’ve completed your card, set it out to completely dry. While the Tea Time card is drying, fold your envelope flaps and glue them together. Let the glue completely dry before placing your card inside.

I love how this Tea Time Box Card turned out. It’s going to make a lovely thank you card for a special friend. Happy Crafting!

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