Easy DIY Bird toy: Using Recyclables

Easy DIY Bird Toy using Recyclables. If your a parrot owner like me. Then your always looking for, easy bird toy ideas using recyclables.

Over the years of buying parrot toys. I have saved left over ropes, chains and other pieces from older toys. Re- making them into new ones with other recyclable items.

One of my African Grey’s favorite homemade toys happens to be made from pizza box tops. He loves chewing on the cardboard after he’s eaten something to clean his beak. It also helps to keep him busy and his beak in healthy condition.

This is one of the easiest DIY Bird toy your going to make using recyclables. Depending on how many squares you want to hang from an old toy chain or rope. With the right tools, this project should only take you a few minutes.

You are looking at my African Grey Parrot. Playing with his new DIY bird toy.

DIY Bird Toy

Materials needed:

  • Non printed clean cardboard pizza box tops
  • A box cutter
  • Something to cut on
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Crop-a-dile 11 big bite punch or something else to make holes
  • Chain or rope


  1. Cut your pizza box top off it’s box base using a box cutter. Trim off the perforated flaps that fold over. Don’t worry about it being perfect. The pieces will work better uneven, easier for your bird to chew.¬† This will leave you with a nice square to work with, and to measure off.

You are looking at a pizza cardboard box top being measured into 1 inch squares. 2. Take your ruler and measure out 1 inc by 1 inch squares. They can be any size you want, depends on the size of your bird. The 1 inch seem to work the best for my grey.

You are looking at the cut card board 1 inch squares. 3. Next make sure you lay your cardboard on something that you can cut on, so your not cutting into your nice table. I use either an old large cutting board or heal-able cutting mat. Then just cut down one row at at time, then turn your mat and cut in the other direction.

You are looking at the one inch squares punched with holes in the center for the DIY bird toy.4. Once you’ve cut all your squares. You want to punch holes in the center. It may take a few punches depending on the size of chain or rope you are sliding your squares on to.

You are looking at the cardboard squares all holed and placed on a chain. Read to hang in my parrot's cage. Easy DIY bird toy all made with recyclables. 5. After you’ve made your holes you can either slid all the squares on or separate them with other items, such as Popsicle sticks, wooden blocks. What ever you may have on hand and is bird safe.

I find that my Amos enjoys his handmade DIY bird toys alot more than the store bought ones. Which is fine by me, it just takes a little imagination and a few bits and pieces put it all together. Not to mention the amount off $$$ I save in making my own!

You are looking at as easy DIY bird toy, using recyclable pizza box top.


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