You are looking at the Candy Cane 3D Box Card I made. It has a large 3D green bow on it. As well as a tag that reads, " Peace, Love, Joy".

Candy Cane Christmas Card

If you’re in need of a quick hand made gift idea, then you’ll love this cute 3D Candy Cane Christmas box card design from You can either purchase the individual svg cut file if you only want this card, or you can purchase the whole Home For Christmas Box Card set. I made several of these candy cane cards for Christmas gifts as To: and From: tags.

Materials I Used


Once you’ve purchased your Candy Cane Card or the complete Box Card set, print off the PDF that is provided with your purchase. Read through it thoroughly so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to make your card. You can also follow along Mary’s video on how to put your card together. She does an amazing job with her tutorials and you can pause or hit replay if you have any problems.

You are looking at all the pieces I cut out with my Silhouette Cameo. They will be put together to form the candy cane 3d box card.

Cut Out All The Pieces 

Cut out all the pieces in the colors you’re choosing to use. The candy cane doesn’t need to be red and white, it could be green and white, or any color combo you’d like. You’ll need to cut the base, strips, back panels, bow, and tags.

Once you’ve cut everything out, go ahead and use an ink pad color of choice to color around the pieces. The only area I colored was the back panel pieces of the card along with the bow and tags. I left the candy cane card base and the red strips un-inked.

You are looking at the cut out card stock pieces that will form the 3D candy cane box card.

You are looking at the Candy Cane Christmas Card laying flat. I glued on the red candy strips and the decorative back panels.


Once you’ve gotten everything inked, glue on the front candy cane strip pieces followed by your back three panels. Then, take your stickles and run a fine line in-between each strip. Set your card aside, and let the stickles glitter glue completely dry even over night if you have to.

You are looking at the bow in pieces. I'm going to ink the edges in a dark green ink, to match the bow.The Bow

While your card is drying, you can work on your bow. I chose my bow to be green and used a matching green ink pad to rub along the edges. Makeup sponges work great for inking my projects. They are inexpensive and you get quit a few in a pack. Inking the edges of he paper gives it a more defined look. But you most certainly don’t have to do any inking around the edges, it looks just fine without it.

After I inked my bow edges, I folded the pieces of the bow itself on the score lines and glued the tab to the back and let it dry. Then, take a 3d glue dot or thick foam tape, and place it on the back of the round center piece of the bow. Place it on top of the bow, press it on so it sticks and doesn’t fall off.

You are looking at the bow folded at it's score lines and glued together. It now has a 3d look to it and looks like a ribbon bow.

Putting the Candy Cane Box Card Together

Once the glitter glue has completely dried, fold your box card at the score lines and glue the tab to the inside of the card. When it’s dry, you can now add the bow strip around the Candy Cane Christmas Card.

You are looking at the Candy Cane Christmas card folded and glued together. I glued the bow's ribbon base around the card. I will then place the bow on top.

Stamping The Sentiment

Set the card aside, get the two tags you cut out, and ink both their edges. I used tea dye ink from Ranger because I love the antique color it creates around the edges. I use that color on most of my paper projects.

You are looking at the base and top tag, that I'm going to ink their edges. Inking the edges gives the project more definition. This is from my post, Candy Cane Christmas Card.

Stamp what sentiment you would like to use on the smaller of the two tags. The smaller white tag will then then be glued on top of the larger tag that I cut out of the craft card stock.

You are looking at the stamp set I used for stamping a sentiment on the little tag. It says, peace, love, joy. It's a clear stamp set from Recollections called " Christmas-Noel".

I chose the Peace, Love, Joy sentiment from Recollections stamp set “Christmas-Noel”. It was the perfect size. I purchased this set from Michael’s Craft store if your interested in it.

You are looking at two tags I stamped with the sentiment, peace, love, joy. I'll now glue on the base tag and attach it to the Candy Cane Christmas Card.

One little Tip I want to share if you’re in need of a stamp at a specific size: cut out that size from a scrap piece of paper. Or, cut out the item you’re going to stamp on. Take it with you to the craft store, then set the stamp on your cut piece to see if it’s the right size or not. This will save you the headache from purchasing the wrong sized stamp.

You are looking at the Candy Cane 3D Box Card I made. It has a large 3D green bow on it. As well as a tag that reads, " Peace, Love, Joy".

Glue The Tags Together

After you’ve inked the edges and you’ve stamped your sentiment, glue the two tag pieces together and set them aside. Next, take a glue dot or thick foam tape on the back of the bow. This will pop up the bow a bit for that 3d affect or you can just glue it right to the ribbon band. Next, glue on your tag just under the bow. Keep it up from the bottom of the Candy Cane Christmas Card so it will fit inside the envelope along with the candy cane box card file. An envelope cut file comes with it, so you won’t need to worry about guessing what size envelope you’ll need.

You are looking at the completed Candy Cane Christmas Card from the back. The back panel finishes the card off nicely and is in a festive red and white designer paper.

This card from is so quick and easy that you’ll be able to make several for sending out to friends and family. Or just using them on gifts and or gift exchanges. I like to keep things simple during this time of the year and this sweet little 3d box card fit the bill.

Happy Crafting and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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