• Photo of one of Chico's many large trees.

    Chico, California bound: City of trees

    ┬áHave you ever heard of or been to Chico, California, also known as the city of trees? If not, your’e missing out on a little gem of a small city. What an absolutely beautiful area to visit and explore. This is one of the areas in California I highly recommend you visit and take a good look around. There is beauty everywhere in Chico and it’s true what they say about it being the city of trees! I’ve never seen so many different species of trees in one area. There’s everything from buckeyes, cottonwoods, palms, and pine, to oaks, maples, sycamore, and much more. My favorite out of all of…

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    My 2,090.3 mile journey to Chico, California

    So it begins my 2,090.3 mile journey to Chico, California. This is just so happens to be my first flying trip in 30 years! My reason for going, well my son and future daughter in law are getting married on May 5th. I’m so happy for them, they met online playing World of War Craft. It all took off from there, before I knew it my son moved to California and made his new and exciting life. Fast forward about 6 years, and here I am a packing and preparing for a wedding. Trying to decide what to take and what to leave behind for a 6 day stay in…