• The Wolf almost full moon up close out on the frozen lake.

    January Wolf Moon: 97.4% Waxing Gibbous

    The January Wolf Moon: 97.4% Waxing Gibbous was really beautiful this late afternoon. It’s getting it’s self ready for the really big show on the 20th-21st. Are you all ready, cause I sure am!   I was so glad we had clear skies today because I wanted to photograph today’s moon and look at it in comparison to its Full Wolf Super Blue Blood Moon rising here on Sunday. The weather man is saying partly cloudy, so we shall see. I’ll be happy with a little view of the whole show, than having nothing at all. I wish you all clear skies and lots of fun. Be safe out there!…

  • Looking through my Nikon macro lens. Seeing up close the variety of different snowflake shapes. From stain glass to crystal designs.

    Wisconsin Snowflakes up close

    Wisconsin Snowflakes up close with my Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 85mm 1:3.5G ED, yes we finally got some snow! Winter just isn’t winter without fresh fallen snow. I’ve been waiting since before Christmas to get a day time snowfall, after all when shooting tiny snowflakes. It’s best done during the day even though it’s cloudy. It was a perfect day for snowflake photography. The air was dry with the perfect temp, and with very little wind. All these combined really make for a great variety of snowflake shapes. The snowflakes with this snow fall, were mostly shaped like stained glass or crystal. Some very thick while others very thin with…

  • Looking at the moon January Waxing moon on a sunny clear day. The moon is bright white today and it's craters are very visible.

    January Moon: 77.0% Waxing Gibbous

    Today’s January Moon: 77.0% Waxing Gibbous around 3;30 pm. Anyone else getting excited about the Wolf Super Blood Lunar Eclipse Moon? I sure am, so far we may have clear skies the evening of the twentieth. I sure hope it stays that way because I’m wanting to photograph the Wolf  at it’s rising against the horizon. Making it look even larger than life! If you happen to live in my neck of the woods and your going out to watch the Super. Dress warm because it’s going to be our coldest day of the year so far. So no one getting frostbite while you’re enjoying the eclipse. I’m pretty lucky…

  • Looking at the January Moon Waxing Crescent. Very thick clouds passing over the moon. Creating a very blue hue.

    January Moon: 21.1% Waxing Crescent

    Tonight’s January  Moon: 21.1% Waxing Crescent. This months full moon is called the Full Wolf Moon which occurs Monday, Jan. 21, but will appear full the night before and after it peaks. Not only is it a full moon but a Total Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Which will begin Sunday Jan. 20th and into Jan. 21st. If you’d like to know what time it begins in your area check here  at timeanddate.com . One of the best things about a lunar eclipse is there’s no need for any special eye protection to watch it. Unlike the Solar Eclipse, special eye wear and lens covers are required. Also hoping for clear skies ans warmer weather,…

  • Two old windmills out in a field.

    Merry Christmas From Wisconsin

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Merry Christmas from Wisconsin! I hope you all enjoy this special time of the year with Family, Friends and Loved ones. We finally got a little snow just in time for Christmas day. For me it just isn’t Christmas without the snow and cold, with a little hot chocolate to warm the soul. Have a fabulous day!