• Asparagus going to seed for next years harvest.

    Home grown Asparagus: pan fried

    Home grown Asparagus to pan fried, the first vegetable to harvest in early spring. There’s nothing more wonderful than the reward out of your garden after a long cold winters nap. Asparagus is very easy to grow and it comes back year after year with very little care. When to plant, asparagus is planted in early spring and has male and female plants. You will know the female plants because they will produce small berries when left to grow for another season. It usually takes two-three growing seasons before you may be able to harvest your first asparagus spears. If you want to learn more on how to grow your…

  • Solar Sun Oven warming up.

    Solar Sun Oven: Baked Honey Buttered Garlic Chicken

    Have you ever tried Solar Oven cooking? Well if you haven’t, you just may want to give it a try. Since this summer here in Wisconsin has been on the hot side this year. The solar oven has come in very handy. For one, you take advantage of the sun’s energy. Secondly, you’re not heating up your home with a hot stove or oven. Best of all, it cooks your food perfectly and it taste much better than on the stove. From moist tender meats to crispy baked bread. You name it, you can cook, bake, boil, steam and Pasteurize Water in it! Your also able to dry things out.…

  • Food

    Sunday fun day mini mincer

    This is the day when I love to share my favorite things and fun tips. However I’m a day late because life got in the way, so a Monday fun day we shall have. Today I’m sharing this little mini mincer that I purchased from Williams and Sonoma several years ago. They’ve since redone the look of their mincers, but they will mince in the same way. This particular mini chopper has two blade areas. One side is for slicing if you need very thinly slices of garlic or any other type of fruit or vegetable. The other side is for mincing it minces ginger very easily and quickly. I use…

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    Hardy Low carb cheesy broccoli omelet with Kerry Gold Butter

                                                                                                                                                                Cooked in an antique cast iron Chicago Foundry Hammered pan. If you’ve never cooked in cast iron, you don’t know what your missing. I’ve been cooking in my pan for the past…

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    Instant Pot Electric Pressure cooker, hard boiled eggs done in 6 minutes or less

                                                                                      With Easter just around the corner the Instant pot will be a big time saver for making your hard boiled eggs. Everyone likes their hard boiled eggs cooked at a certain doneness. Your able to get them perfectly cooked with the Instant Pot, the way you like them. I like mine done on the 1:1:1 ratio, it gives me a softer yoke. When I refer to the 1:1:1, it…