• You are looking at the To Go Coffee Box Card. With velum paper cut out to look like steam.

    To Go Coffee: 3D Pop-Up Box Card

    To Go Coffee 3D pop – up Box Card, is the perfect anytime card for almost any occasion. The To Go Coffee Box Card comes from the Pit Stop Box Cards Kit, from svgcuts.com. I just happen to use it as a Birthday card for my daughter-in-law who loves coffee! This little card is also a perfect size for sending out in the mail. It’s not so big that you’ll be worried about it getting bent. When I send my handcrafted cards out, I send them in a padded envelope for extra protection.   Material I used: American Crafts Vanilla card stock. American Crafts White card stock. Floral paper pad,…

  • You are looking at the Hamburger Box Card. It actually looks like a hamburger on a bun with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.

    Hamburger SVG Box Card

    Today’s project, a Hamburger SVG Box Card. It’s birthday season for me and I love making handcrafted box cards. There are many talented SVG designers out there, to choose from. But one of my very favorite designers is Mary, from svgcuts.com. She has some of the best box cards out there, and they are really easy to put together. She also includes “how to” videos. That you can follow along with her, step by step. I find her videos quite helpful. Because I have found myself, a little stumped on some of her more advanced projects. She also provides a menu and an extras folder that you can print out to…

  • DIY

    Easy DIY Bird toy: Using Recyclables

    Easy DIY Bird Toy using Recyclables. If your a parrot owner like me. Then your always looking for, easy bird toy ideas using recyclables. Over the years of buying parrot toys. I have saved left over ropes, chains and other pieces from older toys. Re- making them into new ones with other recyclable items. One of my African Grey’s favorite homemade toys happens to be made from pizza box tops. He loves chewing on the cardboard after he’s eaten something to clean his beak. It also helps to keep him busy and his beak in healthy condition. This is one of the easiest DIY Bird toy your going to make…

  • You are looking at calendula flower petals infused olive oil.

    How to Make Infused Oils: 3 Ways

    Have you ever wondered how to make infused oils? I’m going to share with you 3 ways in which you can infuse oil. Two methods involve hot oil infusion. The other technique is cold oil infusion. Either of these work just fine. It’s all going to depend on what you’re going to do with your infused oils and how much time you want to spend on the process. You may be asking yourself: “what can I infuse”, “why would I want to infuse”, and “what kind of oils can I use”? I will help answer these questions down below! First of all, when infusing oils, I prefer to use dried…

  • You are looking at 20 jars of canned Pure Maple Syrup. The color is a dark caramel with a deep maple robust flavor.

    Cooking Sap into Pure Maple Syrup

    Now that I’ve shared my maple tapping and evaporation process, I’ll share how I cook down and finish the sap into pure maple syrup! Here’s what you’ll need: 2 Smaller pan (a stew pot, one that will fit on your stove. One pot for boiling down your final syrup. The other for filtering the finished syrup). Granite-Ware Water Canning Pot (If your going to store your syrup in regular canning jars). Liquid Syrup Defoamer ( defoamer is a vegetable blend of oils made for the purpose of making syrup. it helps to break the foam you get from boiling the syrup. I don’t personally use it, but you may wish…