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    Green Circle Trail: Stevens Point Wisconsin

    Green Circle Trail in Stevens Point Wisconsin, is a great place to visit. I am a lover of the great outdoors and try to spend as much time as I can outside. One of my favorite things to do, is checking out new hiking and biking areas. The Green Circle Trail in Stevens Point, Wisconsin is a 27 -mile hiking and biking loop around Stevens Point, which also connects over 45 miles of extra trails. Plover River Park The trail area we’ve walked, is the Plover River Park, the McDill Trail, and Iverson Trail section. As of now these are the only three areas that we’ve walked, but plan on…

  • You are looking at a bouquet of lilacs that I will be using to make the lilac jelly with vanilla bean.

    Lilac Jelly: Lilac Blossoms And Vanilla Bean

    Lilac Jelly made with Lilac Blossoms and Vanilla Bean, can you say amazing! When the lilacs are in full bloom in my area, not only do I use them to make jelly. But I love keep a bouquet of them on my kitchen table. They have such a beautiful long lasting scent, I can smell them through out my entire house. Did you know that you can just pick those little flowers and eat them, right off the bush? They may have a bit of a bitter and sweet taste all in one. Add them to salads with a sweet balsamic vinegar for your dressing. You can also bake with…

  • You are looking at the June Strawberry Full Moon rising up in a bright orange pink color.

    June Strawberry Full Moon 2019

    The June Strawberry Full Moon 2019, rose from the 16th through 17th, what a beautiful sight it was! How fun to have the beginning of the Full Moon land on Fathers Day. I would say it was a special tribute to all the dads out there. Sunday Fathers Day Moon The photo above was taken Sunday June 16th around 8:30 pm, central time. The June Strawberry 2019 Full Moon was in the Waxing Gibbous 99.6% phase, near full. There happened to be a band of clouds along the base of the horizon, so I wasn’t able fully catch it coming up. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful sight! The the sky…

  • You are looking at Lilac Flower Jelly. Using my basic flower jelly recipe. The color is a pretty pink and the taste is like tutti-fruity.

    Basic Flower & Herb Jelly Recipe

    Basic Flower & Herb Jelly Recipe for edible Wild, Garden, Flowers, and Herbs. Simple recipe If you’re a beginner or just want to try out a basic flower & herb jelly recipe, then this recipe is for you. It’s a small batch and simple too. Flowers & Herbs for Jelly Dandelion Lilac Clover Honeysuckle Wild Violets Queen Ann’s Lace Orange roadside Day Lilies Rose petals and Rose Hips Nasturtium Lavender Wild Hibiscus Elderberry Basil or just Basil Flowers Sage Flowers Goldenrod Yarrow Lemon Balm Bee Balm Fennel Chamomile Mint Citrus Flowers Passion Flowers Chicory Mimosa Flowers Kudzu Flowers I’m sure there are many more, but this a list to help…

  • You are looking at the 3D Pizza Box Card. From the Pit Stop collection by svgcuts.com.

    Pizza Box Card: 3D Pop Up Box Card

    Pizza Box Card a 3D Pop Up Box Card from the Pit Stop Kit, svgcuts.com. Both a fun and easy card for a Birthday or almost any occasion. If you have a pizza lover in your life, then this cute little card is the one to make! The fun part is, you can customize your pizza to what you want on it. For this one I used the pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and green pepper cut files. The green peppers just gave it that little pop of color. Choose the Heaviest I recommend using the heaviest weight 12×12 card-stock paper you can find. This card is a little delicate on the…