• You are looking at a black and white photo I took of my Crow clan. They love coming to visit everyday and hang around the bird feeder. They are one of my favorite birds and fun to photograph. This is from my post, Happy Halloween.

    Happy Spooktacular Halloween To You All

    Happy Spooktacular Halloween to you all! May your Trick or Treating be fun and filled with lots of ghosts and goblins. I wanted to share, with all you ghouls, some of my favorite spooky photos I’ve taken over the years. When everything is photographed in black and white it really does give you the chills, for Halloween night. Crows and Spider Webs Crows along with spider webs are perfect for Halloween decor. Just be careful where you’re walking, you may just get a creepy crawly on your face. When you go out trick or treating, do you like to go to the spookiest house on the block? Beware, you just…

  • You are looking at a sign I made with the phrase " Every Year I Fall For Pumpkins Bonfires Smores Autumn Leave Apples & You. This is a post from, my Every Year I Fall.

    “Every Year I Fall For Pumpkins” Sign

    This “Every Year I Fall For Pumpkins” sign, is an easy DIY. If you’re looking for something fun for fall that says it all. Then you’re going to love this rustic sign. It’s the perfect size that will fit most anywhere indoors or out, and it can be made in no time. The phrase “Every Year I Fall For Pumpkins” seems to be a favorite this year. I’ve seen it everywhere and I too fell in love with it. It was the perfect addition for my fallĀ  decor of pumpkins, lanterns and my sweet “Hello Fall Scarecrow”. If your also interested in the Fall Wreath, Scarecrow, Pumpkins and the Lanterns.…

  • You are looking at the Hunter full moon. With a line if clouds going across the center. It created, what looks a face. I can clearly see the two eyes, nose and mouth. This is from my post, October Hunter Full Moon.

    October Hunter’s Full Moon

    The October Hunter’s Full Moon was a beautiful one. It was big, bright and orange, a perfect Halloween pumpkin moon. If you look closely, can you see a face? I’m not going to give it away, see if you can find the “Man on The Moon”.   It seems as if he’s watching us all. As that old man rises, the clouds thicken and covers his face. He’s also getting lighter in color, he’s beginning to loose his orange face. Has anyone else noticed on the right side of the “Man on the Moon”, that the Star Trek emblem is up there? October Hunter’s Full Moon Facts When I took…

  • You are looking at a Goldenrod - rod Crab Spider resting on the top of a lavender flower. This spider is white with pink strips. This is from my post Fall Macro Bugs.

    Autumn Bug Photography

    Autumn Bug Photography is just as fun as any other season. I find when Autumn arrives we begin to see different types of bugs. Spiders start to get a little scarce except for the Crab and Daddy Long Leg spiders, with a few jumping spiders here and there. I haven’t been seeing many spiders as in years past. In fact all our bug population is rather down, except for the disease carrying types. Such as the ticks, mosquitoes etc, they seem to be thriving. One word of caution, if you travel into Wisconsin. Since we do have lots of water and wetlands. It’s important to wear a tick and mosquito…

  • You are looking at the Welcoming signs at HZU's Sunflower Maze. The sunflowers are 10 feet tall or more. They are blooming bright yellow and facing the sun.

    Sunflower Maze Days at HSU

    Welcome to the Sunflower Maze Days at HSU growing Supply. The Sunflower Maze will be open for touring and pictures Mon-Fri 7-4:30 and Sat 8-2 Sept 3rd-14th. This is a FREE event. Even though this event was from last month. I wanted to share with you their beautiful Sunflower patch and garden. So you can maybe put it on your calendar for next years visit. Classes HSU and his employees have planted the Sunflower Maze Days at HSU Growing Supply for several years. They also do hands on classes for both kids and adults, if you want to learn more about gardening. Ginseng HSU’s also owns ginseng farms and gives…